The Rural And Remote Problems

As Australia is a vast continent , people who live in remote areas are quite disadvantaged where medical help is concerned. In the 1999, ” BUSH TALKS ” sponsored by the Human Rights & equal Opportunities Commission , inadequate, and diminishing health services emerged as the principal issues.

The health of populations living in rural & remote areas of Australia is worse than the health of those living in capital cities and other metropolitan areas and mortality and illness levels increase as the distance from such centres increases.

(Source: Australian Institute of health and welfare. Health in rural & remote Australia.)

Centre Health , Australia has ventured to overcome these barriers and has developed an innovative service delivery model to meet the needs of those in rural and remote areas.

Depression is very common amongst the farming community and suicide rates are quite high . Counselling service along with suicide prevention advice can be easily disseminated by Centre Health Psychologist to any part of rural and remote Australia thus providing access and services to the desired people without travel and inconvenience at both ends.

Centre Health , Australia are thus serving the needs of the community with the integration of medicine and state of the art information technology.