Many of the EMPLOYEES AT Centre Health complex have been sponsored to attend TAFE and enhance their education and skills. On the job training has also been provided from time to time keeping in view the emerging trends and needs of the Centre Health Medical Centre. The CHC management encourages its employees to upgrade their skills and continue to be productive individuals for the company and for the Australian community.

Testimonial by a Centre Health Medical Centre , team member

Dated 09/05/2009

“I believe that I have benefited greatly by completing the course Business Administration Certificate 3 for many reasons.

The course has helped me enhance my skills in using Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word and Excel.

I now also have a better understanding of all safety issues that I am responsible for and all the other staff and visitors attending the Centre Health Medical Centre.

I also feel that the extra training that I received by attending Tafe has helped me improve my skills in making better decisions in assisting management, staff and customers working or attending the Centre Health Medical Centre.”

Renee Megas

Team member , Centre Health Medical Centre.