The Service aims to:

  • Provide direct and confidential health care to individuals and groups in a community setting.
  • Address the health needs of the local community by providing services and information which is flexible, responsive and accessible.
  • Provide programs which focus on the well being of the whole person.
  • Promote aspects of health care and prevention

This service is available to children, adolescents, young adults and adults of all age groups.

How can you use the Services?

Drop in at the Community Health Desk at Centre Health Medical Centre. You will be directed to the appropriate department by our professional staff member. Information is available for:

  1. Accommodation Services
  2. Respite Services
  3. Health services Counselling and Support Services
  4. Food Services
  5. Transport Services
  6. Senior Citizen clubs and pensioner groups
  7. Social, Leisure & education